Energy Star

Energy Star® qualified equipment is one of the keys to a better environment and lower energy bills.

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star® is a US government program designed to help businesses and homeowners make informed choices about products' energy efficiency. The Energy Star qualified label means the product meets the government's minimum standards for efficiency. For businesses and homeowners, that means cost savings through lower operating costs.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Energy efficiency: One of the main reasons to choose an Energy Star qualified product is lower operating costs. Over the lifetime of the equipment, this can add up to significant savings. Savings of up to 60% are possible, depending on usage and the type of system installed. Plus, qualified systems may be entitled to tax credits.

Environmentally friendly: Energy Star qualified equipment not only helps your wallet, it also helps the environment. According to the EPA, if just 1 in 10 households switched to Energy Star heating and cooling equipment, it could reduce air pollution by 17 million pounds.

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